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Refund & return policy

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We are committed to a good customer experience, we have a open approach to refund and return as described below.

Hardware products

Any hardware supplied by Open M2M can be returned with 14 days and will be refunded if undamaged.


SIM card returns

Due to the nature of information registration information linked to your account we generally do not offer refunds for used or prior activated sim cards.If you have unused sim cards ,please contact us at for information.

Return of spent balance

Any balance that you have used on your account cannot be returned to you unless there is a technical fault on our side is the cause.

Damaged during shipping

If you encounter any damaged items during shipping, please contact us at with pictures and description of the state you received them in with 5 working days of receipt.

Return/Refund information

For any returns please contact our support desk at and provide information on the item you are intending to return, we will supply you with address information and return address.
For larger quantities we might require a restocking compensation.
Return shipping costs are not covered by Open M2M.

EU 14 day return policy

As we are based in Europe, the EU mandates a 14 day return policy for all consumer bought services, when making payments we ask you to forfeit your right to 14-day return as this would otherwise allow you to return credit you have spent.
In return we do offer ways to transfer outstanding balance.

Please note for our full terms of service please visit our Terms of Service page

* Note the above terms of service may be subject to change at our discretion in the future

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