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How can I activate a Open M2M SIM?

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Activating your 'Open M2M' sim card is a simple process. We will walk you through the steps of activating your sim card with us.
This process works the same for any sim cards we have with us (be it regular or eSIM).
If you're looking to activate SIM cards using our REST API, please consult our API documentation

  1. Make sure you created an Open M2M account in our portal
  2. Order 1 or more sim cards, if you haven't already.
  3. In the Open M2M portal, after the sim cards you ordered have been received in the mail, they will be added to your Sim cards overview page in our portal.
    Browse your way to the "sim cards" section of our portal and select the sim card you wish to activate.
  4. Activate your sim card using the image below
    Activating sim card
  5. Select the package you want to use, Discover or Global or attach your sim card to a flexible bundle.
    Select your M2M coverage plan
  6. Add additional balance (optional)
    Add balance or pay from existing balance
  7. Pick your preferred payment option or pay from your account balance
    Select payment method in open m2m portal
  8. If you paid using a direct payment method (iDeal/Paypal or balance) the payment will be instant and within 5 minutes your sim card will be activated by our system and congratulations, your sim card has now been activated and is ready for use
  9. Optionally you can now set a data limit and name it for your convenience.

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